It was early autumn 2017 when Rick reached out to Anahita to inquire about her work in organizing and leading women’s groups around Los Angeles. Rick had received a message through spirit - that came in the form of his beloved who had passed away a few months prior - to create a safe and loving space for women and men to come together, support one another’s path in self growth, and develop strong communal bonds.

Rick had learned from the community about Anahita’s work in organizing and leading women’s groups. Anahita on the other hand, had been receiving an increased call to revitalize the women’s groups she used to organize a couple years prior. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect!

At a time that electronic and virtual communications are the dominant mode of connection, we recognize the need to cultivate and nurture authentic in-person connections designed to support our individual and collective well-being. 

Through many sessions of brainstorming ideas, goals, and direction with the core mission of bringing women and men together to cultivate deep meaningful connections, the SoulPods model was born.


Anahita Parseghian


Our strength, resilience, and health are dependent on our sense of belonging and community. I have spent the better part of the last decade building communities for women, fundraising for charitable causes, and developing transformational retreats to bring people together around a common interest because we are so much more alike than we are different and I am a firm believer that by highlighting our similarities, we strengthen our collective bonds as humans and pave the way for harmony and peace. 

Anahita Parseghian is a Performance Coach, Somatic Therapist, Tech Strategist, and Board Member at a non-profit organization. She lives in Venice Beach, CA where she spends her limited spare time playing music, cooking, and writing. 

Rick Hauser


Love is always the answer... 20 years ago I had an epiphany that would change the course of my life. During my first deep meditation, I connected to Source and it felt like a thousand  angels were gently stroking me with golden touches of love; helping me remember that I WAS LOVED and I WAS LOVE.
As every cell in my body was vibrating with pure unconditional self-love, I knew that everybody deserved this knowledge.

For the past 20 years I’ve aligned myself with empowering workshops, leadership courses, and community building projects in order to stay connected and lead by example. It is my greatest hope that everyone connects to this Divine Love and knows how magnificent they are!