SoulPods in its essence is an open source model for cultivating deep meaningful human connections.

SoulPods aims to bring men and men, and women and women together in hyper-localized groups called “Pods”. Each Pod has a Pod Lead that is tasked with organizing and facilitating regular in-person meet ups designed to develop & deepen meaningful and inspiring communities. SoulPods are hosted by the participants in a rotating order. 

Each SoulPod includes 5-7 participants of the same gender living within close proximity. Members are invited and voted-in by the unanimous consent of the existing members. SoulPods might also be formed around a strong common interest like "motherhood". 

SoulPods meet twice a month in-person with a strict attendance policy in place to strengthen connections & inspire accountability.

Every quarter, the SoulPods within a city will gather to meet other SoulPods of the same gender to exchange ideas and develop a deeper sense of the larger community.

Every year, the men and women of the SoulPods within a city will gather to meet other SoulPods to open conscious dialogue between awakened men and women in order to usher in a new era of mutual growth, harmony, peace, and prosperity for all.

SoulPods is our labor of love and doesn't cost anything to join!