SoulPods in its essence is an open source model for cultivating deep meaningful human connections.

SoulPods aims to bring men and men, and women and women together in hyper-localized subject-specific groups called “Pods”. Each Pod has a Pod Lead that is tasked with organizing and facilitating regular in-person meet ups designed to develop & deepen meaningful and inspiring communities. SoulPods are hosted by the participants in a rotating order. 

Each SoulPod includes 5-7 participants of the same gender living within close proximity with shared interests. Members are invited and voted-in by the unanimous consent of the existing members. Each SoulPod lasts for a quarter, members have the option to extend their time with the pod for as many quarters as the group is inspired to continue meeting. SoulPods are currently formed around the following subjects: Parenthood, Entrepreneurship, Artists, Healers, LGBTQ, and Organic Location-Based Pods.

SoulPods meet twice a month in-person with a strict attendance policy in place to strengthen connections & inspire accountability.

Every quarter, the SoulPods within a city will gather to meet other SoulPods to exchange ideas and develop a deeper sense of the larger community.

Every year, the men and women of the SoulPods within a city will gather to meet other SoulPods to open conscious dialogue between awakened men and women in order to usher in a new era of mutual growth, harmony, peace, and prosperity for all.

Not ready to commit to quarterly meet-ups? Join us for one of our SoulPod Socials events! Check out our calendar here.