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SoulPods is a platform for cultivating meaningful human connections & dialogue between awakened men & women designed to empower self growth through commitment, accountability, and leading by example so that we can cultivate a more harmonious relationship with ourselves, and the collective.


what is a soulpod?

SoulPods in its essence is an open source model for cultivating deep meaningful human connections.

SoulPods aims to bring men and men, and women and women together in hyper-localized groups called “Pods”. Each Pod has a Pod Lead that is tasked with organizing and facilitating regular in-person meet ups designed to develop & deepen meaningful and inspiring communities. SoulPods are hosted by the participants in a rotating order... Continue Reading



Why SoulPods?

Throughout many centuries of human existence, men and women were initiated into adulthood through a set of rituals guided by the elders of a community. The loss of these initiatory traditions in the course of modernization has had profound impact on our development, growth, and resilience as adults. Revitalizing a sense of community is essential to our individual and collective wellness as well as the legacy we leave behind for the generations to follow which without a doubt will face their own unique set of challenges in this space. 

Our world and how we relate to one another has undergone dramatic changes in the past few decades. Technological advances paired with our busy lifestyles have posed a serious challenge to the quality and authenticity of our relationships to one another. Researchers have clearly demonstrated the negative impacts of social media and our device-addictions on our mental and emotional well-being. Furthermore, we are experiencing an epidemic of loneliness in most developed nations which researchers categorize as possibly worse for our health than obesity.  

SoulPods is the antidote to our experience of isolation in the age of social media. SoulPods aims to support local communities in cultivating and nurturing a safe space for heart-centered, compassionate, conscious, inclusive, and collaborative incubation of meaningful human connections. 



soulpods memberships

SoulPods is committed to providing a safe, kind, compatible, and inspiring container for human connection, accountability, and mutual growth. In order to protect the integrity of the energetic container of a SoulPod, we hold our members to a higher standard and ask for all our members’ commitments to:

Tolerance, Respect & Kindness

Leading By Example

Having An Open Mind & Heart

Capacity For Critical Thinking

Non-Violent Communication

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